Silke from grief dot dog with her 13 year old Border Collie

You don't need to explain!

Everything you feel is absolutely justified...!
Losing our dogs is so hard and the pain and emptiness is so real.
They are not just a dog. They are our best friends, our children, our family. It's okay to feel what you feel and it's okay to not be okay.
Be prepared that many (most) people won't get that your world has just shattered into a million pieces.
As a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP, bereavement and grief specialist I get it.
I'm here to help you and guide you through this.

Your grief is justified:

We have an incredibly special bond with our dogs. So when they leave they rip our hearts open and create humunguously big holes.

Here is why: We share our lives with our dogs. And we spend a lot more time with them than with our friends or most other family members... They are just always there, right next to you....
The love. That bond. It's deep, unconditional love.
Relationships with our dogs don’t carry any of the emotional baggage that many human relationships do. With our dogs we are ourselves, no fear of being judged.
Plus our dogs are always forgiving, loving and always super excited when we come home. Of course you are grieving so deeply.

Every dog is irreplaceable. Even if you have other dogs, losing one of them, is incredibly painful.
We know we won't be able to find a dog who is exactly like the one we lost adds to the pain.
Hence many people grieve the loss of their dog more than the loss of a human.
And that's okay. You don't need to explain.

I know how difficult it is...
Looking after yourself, taking time out... There will be days when you just pull the sheets over your head. Keep other things simple.
To help with it here is a hypnosis recording I made for you.
It will help you feel a little bit better.
Just enter your email and it will be on its way to you.

All grief is subconscious

Some people say we need to learn to live with grief...
I tend to disagree. We need to find a way to live with our deep, painful loss in a way that honours our beloved dog and allows our own heart to heal. And that is a painful and difficult process we need to learn to navigate.

1. At first we need to learn to just survive, whether we want to or not. Just surviving...

2. We realise that our dogs were in every aspect of our lives hence the loss affects every corner of our lives.

3. Experiencing a whole gamut of emotions. (all of which are normal when grieving...)

4. More emotions...

5. Getting fed up with ourselves.

6. Realising that we understand so much with our logical, rational minds but still there is all that subconscious stuff that just happens automatically.

7. Working through subconscious objections, like feeling guilty for having a laugh with a friend... Or beating ourselves up.

8. Realising not crying all the time doesn't mean your disloyal...

The grieving process is not linear! There are many more steps but it is a process and you will get through this!

Download your recording now.
It will help you feel just a little bit better.

Hi, I'm Silke

and I know that your grief is totally justified.

My name is Silke Herwald (pronounced Silky like the silky terrier) and I am a grief specialist.

I'm the official bereavement speaker on the big topic of "grief and grieving resourcefully" at the 2019 AHA World Conference.

I am honoured to present the real secrets to helping anyone recover from grief and deep loss to an international audience of Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists and many other Mental Health Professionals.

Grief is not the subject I always dreamed about becoming an expert in. Seriously, who does, right...? But lots of crappy things happened in my life and I simply had no choice... The only way through grief is, well, through grief.

Over ten years of experience of helping my clients through grief had taught me a lot. But having to go through grief myself was another level. At first I tried the usual: suppressing it, being strong, fighting it, avoiding it by throwing myself into work, silver lining it. And none of it worked.

So I took my experience, knowledge, empathy and work to another level yet again. Effectively helping myself and those I love. It was a sink or swim moment. I decided to swim.

The loss of our beloved dogs can hit us harder than losing a human. Our dogs are our family. And it's so heartbreaking, gut wrenching and the pain is so real.
Our well meaning friends and family either don't get it or they neither have the tools nor expertise to help.

I have made this recording for you to help you navigate the traitorous waters of grieving your dog.

Over the last ten years I have helped hundreds of heartbroken dog lovers find peace, comfort and love, by helping them heal their hearts in a unique way.

Download it now.

I made this recording for you, to help you feel a little bit better.
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©2019 Silke Herwald. All rights reserved .

Silke from grief dot dog with her 13 year old Border Collie

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